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Why Website Copywriting is Important

Why it is important to have website copywriting included in a Google Adwords service

If you have contracted to receive Google Adwords services from a contractor or agency, sometimes it can be difficult to understand why it can appear to be overpriced. Some small business owners are surprised to hear that a big part of a Google Adwords service goes to website copywriting.


Sometimes a website to begin with doesn’t have the necessary information and functionality needed for people to make a decision about the product/service. If this is the case, there is no point sending costly traffic to the website.


If the website needs new pages for the main products/services your business offers, this can often require an upfront cost.


Once the campaign is running, often a new opportunity will be discovered where you can sell your product/service in another to a group of people you haven’t reached before. This group of people may want to know specific things about your product/service that isn’t required on the general product/service page.


Writing a webpage specifically for this niche market often requires the workmanship of a skilled copywriting that can quickly understanding the market segment, the benefits they are after, how your products/services benefit the niche market, and which benefits are unique when compared to competitors.


This quality of writing takes years, even decades to refine, cannot be outsourced overseas, and is in short supply. But quality website copywriting can double, even triple, the amount of leads/sales you get from your traffic, and pays itself off quickly.


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