Website Copywriting for Your Local Business

Wanting to save on costs and write the copy for your small business website yourself? We have included in this blog four website copy fundamentals that are important to nail in order you don’t miss out the maximum amount of sales.

Communicate the Benefits not the Features

It is a common mistake when writing website copy to start thinking about you, your business, and your products and services. The thing is, people want to know how your product or service is going to benefit them, and how it is a better fit than your competitors.


Benefits are a subjective thing that can come down to a personal preference, characteristic or situation. When that is common amongst a group of people, that is what is called a market and a huge opportunity for your business.


And so it is really important to understand what big markets are after, and communicate with your website copy that your products and service satisfy that.


For local business, it can simply be a market that wants a supplier that is the shortest distance from them and open trading times that suit them.


Some other common consumer concerns are:


  • Is your product reliable? Will it break when you need it the most?
  • Is your product durable? Can it handle the use someone intends to use it for?
  • Is your product cheap and easy to repair or replace?
  • Will your business deliver a satisfactory job?
  • Will your business complete the job is a fast enough time?
  • Can they trust your business to do the right thing and the right thing by other?
  • Is the price right for the value your product/service delivers?
  • Is the price within what they can manage?


Understanding human behaviour and consumer psychology can take years, but if you start asking the above questions, it is a really good start.

Understand Your UVP and Points of Parity

People aren’t just worried about how your business, products and services benefit them. They also want to know whether you are the best fit.


When a potential customer has you and your competitor in a lineup, you want them thinking about your business:


“They are offering everything this other business is offering, plus more.”


To do this you need to learn the unique value proposition (UVP) and points of parity (PoP) tailored to your target market.


A UVP is how your product or service delivers a unique benefit to the consumer. The points of parity are the benefits that are on par with your competitor/s.


As mentioned, for a local business, often your UVP + PoP is that you can do the job and are open (PoP), and you’re the closest (UVP). Meaning all other competitors are offering the same outcome but with 10+ minutes to the travel time.


If you can achieve a strong UVP + PoP, your website will drive high amount of leads and sales.

Prove Everything

Achieving a strong UVP + PoP tailored to your target market is a significant task. But if your website just makes claims without delivering proof, no one will believe you and will likely choose another business that can prove their claims.


Common examples of using proof are:


  • Awards, achievements and certifications
  • Testimonies
  • Case studies
  • Guarantees
  • Local address, open hours, and having a phone number with a local area code
  • Donations and community services
  • Sponsoring events where your product/service shines (durability and reliability)


This can give direction in knowing what proof to get and the commercial value it delivers, and allows you to put together a quick business case study on whether or not to invest time into getting it.


For example, for the sake of sending an email or a phone call you can get a testimony that backs up a benefit.

Easy Call to Action

When your potential customer has realised that your business, product and/or service is the best fit for them, the journey of getting your product/service needs to be as quick, easy and painless as possible.


If the next step is to call and book, have that clear on the page. If they need to complete a form, have the form on the page with the minimal amount of questions possible.


It is important to make this as pain-free as possible or you will lose sales.


Writing website copy isn’t hard once you understand the fundamentals and what you need to achieve. Agencies like Brickfield Digital include copywriting in monthly retainer packages to improve the conversion rate of a market segment. If you think this is the right fit for you, get in contact with us 07 3062 7701.