Awards, Achievements & Certificates

Third-party provided awards, achievements and certificates are highly affective at communicating brand/product/service points of parity (PoP) or points of difference (PoD), and being its own source of proof.


The challenge with using awards, achievements and certificates on a landing page, is that there are often so many. There is a tendency to think, ‘the more the better’ which plants the desire to cram in every award, achievement and certification into the landing page. Resulting in the messaging on the landing page becoming unclear and lacking clarity, which is not good for conversion.


Therefore, to get the most of these elements, online copywriters and designers will focus on one (maximum three) and make these the most prominent on the landing page.

But which awards, achievements & certification should be used?

This often comes down to which PoPs and PoDs are lacking proof or are yet to be communicated on the landing page. Copywriters will often look for which PoP or PoD that hasn’t been communicated or backed up with proof yet, and try to find an award, achievement or certfication that does just that.


For example, CarRight Mechanics may have countless testimonials supporting their service effectiveness but nothing promoting their service efficiency. In this case, they would benefit from having an achievement communicating their fast average service time.

Commercial Value of Awards, Achievements & Certificates

If an award, achievement or certification is the only way to communicate and prove a specific brand attribute (PoP or PoD), this gives the award, achievement or certificate commercial value. This because the incremental increase in conversion and revenue can be attributed to the award, achievement or certification. This provides the data needed to calculate the ROI and whether or not to invest is acquiring it.

Examples of Awards, Achievements & Certificates in use

Here are some examples of using awards, achievements and certifications to communicate the different brand/product/service attributes.


Perceived Service Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Product Reliability, Durability & Serviceability


Third Party Awards
Awards from credible third party organisations are highly effective in communicating PoPs and PoDs, as long as the third party is considered an authority on the topic in the minds of the target market.


Multiple Reviews
A high number of positive reviews is a great achievement to communicate quality brand attributes. It delivers the social proof message that ‘this many people can’t be wrong’.


Internal Statistics
Internal statistics can be an achievement again to support efficiency claims. This may be an independent survey, reviews, service times, process times, quoting times and purchasing times, and even quality assurance testing.


ISO certification excellent method to communicate that the product will perform well in use or that there is a consistent level of service.


Perceived Empathy


Primary Charity Sponsorships
Charities are now not just providing certificates of appreciation for donations from commercial businesses, but many offer levels of sponsorship (e.g. Gold, Silver, Platinum). Being the number #1 sponsor of a charity is a great opportunity to communicate trust.


Equality & Social Responsibility Recognition
Companies that are recognised for efforts in achieving an equal, fair, satisfying, safe and healthy workplace, should use that achievement as an opportunity to communicate ‘trust’ in the minds of the target market by promoting it on their landing page.


Product/Service Ingredients & Manufacturing


Award Winning Ingredient
Promoting the award-winning ingredients/components in the product, is an excellent opportunity to communicatie that it contains that ingredient. Gourmet cafes that promote the award winning single origin bean they use, are also communicating that people can get single origin coffee from their cafe.


Price (& category)


Being The Cheapest
If awarded the cheapest product/service is in the category, and that is a PoD, then this is a great way to communicate it. Put the award in a prominent position on the page.

Providing The Most Value
In Australia, there are credible third parties that provide awards for ‘best value’ in a specific product/service category.


User Profiles


Aligned Awarder
The third party organisation or group that is giving the product/service the award, achievement or certification can subtly communicate the user profile.


For example, ‘Voted Best Performing Golf Clubs by Australian Women’s Golf Association (AWGA)’, is a subtle way to communicate that the brand is targeted to women golf enthusiasts.


Number #1 Seller for Specific Segments
Being the number #1 best seller for a specific market segment can be a great opportunity to communicate the user profile PoD or PoP.


For example, a 4×4 brand may be the number #1 best seller in rural stores and outlets, which will communicate that the brand’s products are suited for rural people.


Usage Situations


Having a product be an intregral part to winning a specific competition can be a great opportunity to communicate that the product is suited to the competition conditions. A good example of this is the different types of motor racing.


Voted #1 when in Usage Situation
A common tactic is to have a credible authority recommend the product/service for the specific usage situation. A good example of this is a medical group recommending a drug (and brand) for pain relief.

Integrating into a Landing Page

Awards, achievements and certifications are often represented with a seal, badge or emblem. This brings the temptation to squeeze these seals somewhere into the header of the landing page.


Like anything, be sure to AB test this. From previous AB test done, this design tactic often detracts from the main header message.


This is due to the header having a short window of opportunity to communicate a quick message to 100% of visitors. So it has to be the be the most influential and punchiest attribute (PoP or PoD). This is often the unique value proposition (UVP), call-to-action (CTA), and a small amount of proof that backs up the UVP.


If the award, achievement or certificate can be the proof that supports the UVP, then use it in the header. If not, use the seal somewhere in the middle section of the landing page.

Landing Page Copywriting

If testing these tactics in a landing page, send me (Josh) an email ( and let me know the design and copy changes, and the change in conversion rate.


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