Our tactics, analysis & optimisation turns YouTube into a powerful branding channel

Brickfield Digital can optimise your YouTube and Facebook video campaigns. And we can show you proof that it is driving you more revenue.
Triple the advertising impact of campaigns

Actually our tactics will achieve a better result than that. Our methods involve achieving maximum reach, strict frequency cap, and spacing of impressions.

Video content strategy

This isn't our first rodeo. We consult in the creation of an online video advertising, so that you can make your campaign a success.

More targeted & effective than TV

With the ability to tag people and only show online video advertisements to those people, you can run very targeted online video campaigns.

YouTube Advertising Service (Trueview)

YouTube reaches approximately 46% of the Australian population, with it being most popular with users just after work and in the evenings. With YouTube pages designed to give the video content huge prominence, the pre-roll video advertising is highly successful in grabbing the attention of the viewer and communicating an advertised message.


With our YouTube advertising service, you can take this online medium which is one of the largest in Australia, and turn it into a branding channel that has a:


■ Competitive CPM
■ Strong audience attention and message comprehension
■ Even distribution per user

When should small business use online video marketing?

Online video advertising is not suitable for all small business marketing strategies. Video marketing achieves a high return on investment for businesses selling complex products, that have a long purchasing journey, and the business is using advanced conversion tactics.


Don’t be put off by these marketing terms. If you thinking online video marketing through YouTube or Facebook is appropriate for your marketing strategy, give us a call.

Get online video marketing with one of our small business marketing packages.

Choose your performance objectives:
Foot Traffic

Get more people into your bricks and mortor premises. We can drive interest and awareness with new customers, and promote specials to past customers.

Phone Calls

Drive more phone bookings, enquiries and sales. Our tracking methods result in a low cost-per-call over.

Online Enquiries

Seeking an increase in online enquiries? Our optimisation tactics based on website conversion data produce a low cost-per-enquiry.

Lead Generation

Want qualified, warmed-up leads for your sales team. Our online advanced conversion funnels take the guesswork out of advertising.

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