Get an SEO service that is designed for small business

To rank over competitors, small businesses need multiple SEO tactics delivered strategically, not one SEO tactic delivered excessively.
Small Business Focus

We make sure all the fundamentals are done, rather than just focusing on one area.

Gain Years Of Experience

Gain the benefit of years of experience that we have inherited from delivering SEO services for over a decade.

Revenue Driven

We consult and will give advice on which keywords will bring you the most revenue.

How you benefit from
SEO services

SEO provides value by generating leads and sales. That’s why our monthly performance reports focus on exactly how much commercial value our SEO strategies have delivered. Each monthly report will give you a comprehensive understanding of the progress our team is making, and include:


  • A log of work showing exactly what we did for the month
  • Performance statistics showing just how well it’s working
  • An analysis of current performance and our plan for the next month


On top of this, we also provide an update of the deliverables and insights gained on a weekly basis.

SEO Stategies

There are different SEO strategies depending on your business needs and target market. Here are the three main strategies that we apply.

Branded SEO

If you search for your business name in Google, what do you see?


■ Is your homepage at the top of the results?
■ Does your business listing in Google Maps appear with a short introduction?
■ Do favorable reviews, news articles, pictures, logos and subpages appear throughout the results page?


All these things strongly influence the first engagement and impression prospects have of your business.


If you are running any traditional advertising or branded campaigns, it is important to optimise these factors as best as possible.


Brickfield Digital provides an SEO service to optimise this first online engagement your prospects have with your business. Making your business appear:


✓ Established
✓ Credible
✓ Professional


Contact us today to find out how this service can boost your campaign results.

In-Market SEO

Put yourself in the shoes of a prospect low in the purchasing funnel or in-market for the products and services you provide. Now write a list of the different search terms they would enter into Google.


Appearing in the top search results in Google for this list of search terms is called ‘In-Market SEO’. It produces amazing results with high volumes of leads.


It isn’t often easy to rank for these search terms because your competitors will be or want to be ranking higher in the search results to take the leads for themselves. Google decides who will rank with an algorithm/formula that calculates which webpage is most relevant to a specific search term. The formula looks at over 200 pieces of criteria and is rather complicated.


A SEO package targeting these highly desirable search terms requires the skill of advanced SEO specialists, digital designers, website developers, content and copy writers, data analysts, and an account manager. Having an inhouse team this size is often not an option for most businesses, that is where hiring an agency is a more practical solution. For a fraction of the price a business can have a slice of a well-functioning team.


What makes Brickfield Digital different to every other agency is the strong focus on achieving a positive ROI, and a team of local contractors specialised in their different fields of SEO, paid advertising, marketing, and management. The end result is a tailored package that delivers the best value and excellent results.

Local SEO

Does your target market include geography in their search term (i.e. SEO Brisbane North)?


If yes, appearing for that geographic term is important when being local is a strong selling point with customers. Unfortunately, the Google algorithm is not perfect and competitors that are further away can be listed higher than you, and sometimes your local business may not even appear at all.


If this is you, you are in need of a local SEO service. This service coordinates the skills of local SEO specialists, digital designers, website developers, content and copy writers, and account managers.


If you think this is for you, you should take the step to find out more. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.

Get SEO with one of our small business marketing packages.

Choose your performance objectives:
Foot Traffic

Get more people into your bricks and mortor premises. We can drive interest and awareness with new customers, and promote specials to past customers.

+ More People
Phone Calls

Drive more phone bookings, enquiries and sales. Our tracking methods result in a low cost-per-call over.

+ More Calls
Online Enquiries

Seeking an increase in online enquiries? Our optimisation tactics based on website conversion data produce a low cost-per-enquiry.

+ More Enquiries
Lead Generation

Want qualified, warmed-up leads for your sales team. Our online advanced conversion funnels take the guesswork out of advertising.

+ More Leads
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