Are you a small business owner that needs more leads for your sales team?

Brickfield Digital is a digital marketing agency based near North Lakes in Brisbane. We specialise in small to medium sized enterprises.
Our Lead Generation package is ideal for small businesses looking for a low volume lead generation solution.
Drive More Leads Cost-Effectively

Produce warm leads for your sales team.

Control The Volume Of Leads

By establishing a long online lead generation funnel, you can control the volume of leads in the pipeline.

Gain Insights About Your Customers

Through testing different advertising and being able to clearly determine what works.

How This Works For You

This package involves using your website content, website landing pages, Google Analytics, online advertising channels, and display ads (picture ads).


We use an advanced conversion model to reach out to your target market, and move them through the funnel using multiple campaigns. Once at the bottom of the funnel, the leads are fairly warm-hot for your sales team.


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Data Driven Confidence

By tracking and measuring data, we are able to identify online behaviours that indicate a person is or will soon be in-market for your products and services. In some cases this is someone typing in a product or service name into Google Adwords (e.g. Website Design Brisbane), or it could be a life event (e.g. Someone changing job titles on Facebook).


We use this to help determine the sources of traffic that will generate you the most online enquiries for your small business.

Why Brickfield Digital?

We Are Local

We use local contractors that are diligent, skilled and have attention to detail.

Online Conversion Specialists

We are interested in generating you revenue. That is why we are so focused on converting your traffic, not just generating it.

No Hindsight

We have worked with a lot of small businesses. Meaning you benefit from all the experience we have gained.

Your Investment

Your investment cost can vary depending on the existing creative, existing website content, and current campaigns.

Campaign Setup

From $2,950

Monthly Campaign Optimisation

From $950/month

Advertising Spend

From $950/month

Minimum Cost: $2,950 Once Off + $1,950/month

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