Do you want more customers coming through the door?

Reach Untouched Audiences

We reach new, untouched markets with interest driving advertisements

Promote Specials to the Right People

We tag and target past customers and store visitors with new products and specials to entice them to come back.

Get Control

By you controlling your store traffic, you can grow a sustainable business .

This package is designed specially for cafes, restaurants, retail stores & any business where bookings aren’t essential

For all cafes, restaurants, retail stores, and service stores, the ultimate goal is to find cost-effective advertising that drives more people into the your business premises to purchase.


Brickfield Digital provides a digital marketing package for retail stores, service businesses, cafes and restaurants, called Increased Foot Traffic Package.

How It Works


People see the interest-driving advertisement


People come into the store


GPS, WiFi or Facebook checkin allows for further targeted advertising
Advertising to New Customers

By building online audiences of store visitors, we can exclude them from awareness and interest campaigns, that bring first-time visitors to your premises. In doing this, new customer campaigns reach the right people for less.

Increasing Repeat Customers

Past store visitors and customers have experienced your store, and have found out what’s on offer. We can target these people with new product lines and promotions.

Social Media Marketing

Reliable Data & Analysis = Confidence

But how can you know what portion of foot traffic can be attributed to the advertising? How much is simply a result of your location, branding, other advertising, seasonal trends, and other outside forces?


Determining the uplift your advertising is delivering is no easy task, but it can be done in some online advertising channels. It requires running an online campaign where people are split into two groups (called A and B), group A sees the advertising and group B doesn’t. Whatever extra foot traffic we get from A, we can attribute to the online advertising campaign.

We Are Local

We use local contractors that are diligent, skilled and have attention to detail.

Online Conversion Specialists

We are interested in generating you revenue. That is why we are so focused on converting your traffic, not just generating it.

No Hindsight

We have worked with a lot of small businesses. Meaning you benefit from all the experience we have gained.

Your Investment

Your investment cost can vary depending on the WiFi setup, existing creative, existing website content, and Facebook setup.

Campaign Setup

From $950

Monthly Campaign Optimisation

From $475/month

Data Analysis & Reporting

From $150/month

Facebook Advertising

From $950/month

Minimum Cost: $950 Once Off + $1,575/month

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