How Google Adwords Helps Small Business Marketing

I am Joshua Cocks. I have been working in online marketing since 2017, doing search engine optimisation, online conversion strategy, Adwords PPC, and Facebook marketing for medium and small businesses. In the last 5 years I have been based in north Brisbane working with businesses based in Strathpine, North Lakes, Morayfield, Aspley areas. I have worked on 347+ business accounts thus far, effectively being the marketing executive, developing and driving a marketing plan.


When suggesting Google Adwords to small business owners I commonly encounter a response that they don’t want to pay for something they can get for free using an SEO service from a digital agency.


This is a fair argument. But Google Adwords campaigns provide benefits and opportunities that SEO cannot. And in my experience, have been vital in most marketing strategies for small business.

Instant Revenue

SEO can take 3, 6 and sometimes 12 months to start to deliver traffic. And you’ll read further down that not all keywords bring the right kind of traffic. If you were to wait that long, consider the ongoing costs incurred just having your business running until getting that revenue.


Google Adwords starts driving traffic to your website almost instantly, resulting in almost immediate leads & sales. Calculate the revenue gained in that 3 or 6 or 12 month period. Do you want to miss out on that revenue while waiting for SEO to work?

Instant Search Term Insights

With Google Adwords we target the word combinations we think will perform best. We also put a small part of the budget to a campaign that has broad targeting. This helps us find search terms that we didn’t think of. We then add those word combinations to the main campaign.


These insights may not have been thought of by your competitors either, making them real gems to find.

Instant Page Performance

We can send certain search term groups to a specific page on your website. From there we can see if people complete the form or call, leave your website, go to another page on your website. This gives us immediate insights into providing the right information for your online prospects, and tailor a page for them. This results in more people converting and you getting more bang for your buck. This is something we can’t do with SEO.

Greater Reach

For some businesses, there isn’t one search term or word combination that drives high amounts of traffic and revenue. The website needs to be in the search results for a wide selection of word combinations, geographical area, and devices. Search engine optimisation can’t deliver on this, because it isn’t cost effective to optimise the website for every single word combo.

This can be done quickly with Google Adwords.

Instant Cost Savings

Within a short period of time we find out what time of day, day of week, keyword combinations, geographical areas, devices don’t deliver results. And we block that from our campaigns, and apply those findings to our seach engine optimisation strategy for your small business.


Google Adwords is a powerful tool that should be used in nearly any small business marketing strategy. If you are now thinking Google Adwords is the right fit for you, call us today.