Most Agencies Don’t Use Google Adwords To Its Full Potential

They End Up Delegating Campaigns To Technicians With Minimal Marketing Experience

Brickfield Digital will assign your account a Digital Marketing Specialist and Adwords Technician, and together they will:
► Drive increasing profitable ROI from Google Adwords
► Provide an end-to-end marketing solution that delivers results
► Identify opportunities and provide solutions for your business to grow
How Google Adwords can help your business


With the cost of Google Adwords in Australia being so low, nearly every Australian business should be utilising the channel. This not only increases the leads coming to your business, but prevents prospects being lost to competitors.


The challenge with Google Adwords is when set up incorrectly, advertising costs can unnecessarily skyrocket as money is wasted on high-priced, low-performing keywords.


Brickfield Digital offers a monthly package that incorporates everything your business needs to make a Google Adwords campaign successful. Our two-pronged approach with having both a Digital Marketing Specialist and Adwords Techinician has proven to work.

We Are Local

We use local contractors that are diligent, skilled and have attention to detail.

Tracking Performance

We track the online enquiries and calls the campaigns are making so you can judge the value.

Google Adwords Certified

We are certified and experienced in Google Adwords, and know the platform through-and-through.

What to expect

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• Learn about your business, products/services, verticals, and target markets
• Understand and list brand attributes and points of difference
• List any testimonials, case studies, awards, certifications, guarantees, warranties
• Learn about your website, CMS, online systems, and current advertising channels and creatives

Research & Strategy

• Discuss budgets
• Research keywords and low-cost opportunities
• Outline estimations, costings and ROI
• Develop a long term strategy
• Line up some quick wins (low hanging fruit) to achieve in the short term
• Set KPIs and measuring framework

Build & Configure

• Build measuring framework
• Make website optimisations
• Build campaigns
• Achieve quick wins

Ongoing Optimisation

• Remove unncessary spending on underperforming campaigns
• Increase the volume of profitable camapigns
• Keep across & report on competitors & loss of market share
• Improve website elements to improve conversions


• Monthly phonecalls & meetings
• Weekly, fortnightly & monthy reporting
• One staff member experienced with your account contactable within business hours^

^If unreachable, guaranteed to return the call or email that day.

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