Google Adwords Agency for Small Business

I’m Joshua Cocks. I have been working in digital marketing since 2017, doing SEO, website conversion, Google Adwords, and Facebook advertising for medium and small businesses. In the last 5 years I have been based in north Brisbane working with businesses based in Brendale, North Lakes, Caboolture, Chermside areas. I have worked on 347+ business accounts thus far, effectively being the marketing manager, developing and driving a marketing strategy.


I’m writing this blog because I commonly encounter a attitude towards Google Adwords from small business owners. That attitude being that they don’t want to pay to appear in search results when they can get their for free.


I personally agree with this statement, except when it is worthwhile appearing in search results for specific keywords.


Most small business owners receive a special offer from Google Adwords, and usually they try it out themselves. But with the free spend provided by Google, the campaigns target nearly every single search term combination possible, in an area too broad, and often the ads point to a page that doesn’t provide the right information for someone to convert.


Small business is different to medium business and enterprise, because with small business every cent counts. Small business Adwords campaigns need to start small on a very select set of search terms, and if there isn’t enough people searching those combinations, add a few more.


This is how Brickfield Digital get digital marketing results where a lot of other small business owners and digital agencies can’t.