Facebook Advertising can drive an increase in awareness, engagement, and sales for your small business

The challenge is using Facebook advertising cost-effectively. That’s where Brickfield Digital comes in, achieving campaign goals within budget.
High Performing Campaigns

We structure and optimise campaigns for low cost and high performance.

Tracking Integrated

All our packages contain tracking services to measure the performance of online advertising channels.

Revenue Focused

If there is a campaign that isn't making you money, we won't run it.

Gain Years Of Experience

We have years of experience from 137+ accounts. We can help you with your online marketing, applying what we have learnt.

Facebook can drive both sales & brand engagement

Facebook offers opportunity to both engage, interact, drive interest and awareness, and make positive associations with your brand. It also provides the opportunity to deliver an advertisement that entices your target market to act (e.g. quote now).

Sale & Direct Response From Facebook

That’s right. Facebook advertising can be used to drive people to your website, resulting in enquiries, leads and sales. Over time we gather enough data to find the best time of day, day of week, age, gender, geographical area. We apply a number of techniques that reduce spend per lead, and boost results.

Facebook Newsfeed Advertising

Appearing in a person’s Facebook newsfeed, whether on mobile or desktop, is a powerful opportunity to reach your target market at a personal level. You can pay per view, per click or per engagement.


Our experience allows us to apply tactics that reduce your Facebook advertising costs by almost 90%, and assign spend to not just your target market, but people in-market for your products and services. If you’re curious how we can do this for you, complete the form on this page.

Social Media Marketing
Facebook Right-Hand Side (RHS) Advertising

Facebook RHS advertising is a when your advertisement appears on the bottom right hand side of a person’s desktop screen.


Because it is not directly in someone’s face, the advertisement needs to draw the eye and be worthwhile checking out. Usually Facebook RHS advertising works best with unresistable special offers, targeted to people in-market for your products & services.

Facebook RHS
Increasing Brand Awareness In Your Target Market

Facebook offers powerful targeting options including occupation, income level, interest, family status. If your business has a specific persona or a niche market, Facebook can option give your business the ability to reach those markets.


Having your target market engage with your brand, business and website, has a powerful advertising impact for your business.

Facebook News Feed Content Marketing

If you have a niche product and service and want your target market to know of your brand, but you are on a shoestring budget, Facebook content marketing can be a highly effective advertising solution.


By creating content that your target market are interested in, and then promoting that to them with Facebook advertising in a relaxed setting (when browsing Facebook), you create the opportunity to engage with and get to know your brand.

Boost Post
Facebook News Feed Video Advertising

Facebook video advertising can be package into an affordable solution for small business. It requires a creative director, producer, Facebook advertising specialist. It sounds intimidating & expensive, but when done correctly, it produces highly cost-effective results.

Video Newsfeed
Facebook Carousel

Facebook carousel provides your target market to engage with your brand but stay within the Facebook environment. This can be a great part of the online advertising mix, and works really well alongside content marketing.

Facebook Engagement

Get Facebook Marketing with one of our small business marketing packages.

Choose your performance objectives:
Foot Traffic

Get more people into your bricks and mortor premises. We can drive interest and awareness with new customers, and promote specials to past customers.

+ More People
Phone Calls

Drive more phone bookings, enquiries and sales. Our tracking methods result in a low cost-per-call over.

+ More Calls
Online Enquiries

Seeking an increase in online enquiries? Our optimisation tactics based on website conversion data produce a low cost-per-enquiry.

+ More Enquiries
Lead Generation

Want qualified, warmed-up leads for your sales team. Our online advanced conversion funnels take the guesswork out of advertising.

+ More Leads
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